Moving into an assisted living community in Port Coquitlam can be a significant transition for your loved one. Making their living space more personalized with familiar items is a great way to help them ease into their new space and feel comfortable. Here are five tips when it comes to making your loved-ones assisted living facility room comfortable and cozy for them.

Incorporate Familiar Items

Incorporating personal belongings that hold sentimental value can help your loved one feel more at ease in their new retirement community in Port Coquitlam. Items such as family photos, cherished heirlooms, or favourite pieces of artwork can add warmth and familiarity to the space as well. Bringing in bed linens and other home goods that were previously used by your loved-one can also continue a sense of familiarity in their retirement community. It is important to consider the size of the space as adding too many items can quickly make the area feel cluttered.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

A big part of making your loved-one’s living space enjoyable is by making sure the furniture is comfortable for them. If they had a favourite armchair or recliner at home, it would be a great idea to bring this into their assisted living space so that they could have the familiarity and comfort of something from home. When selecting new furniture for their assisted living space prioritize comfort, accessibility, and ease of use for your loved-one.

Incorporate Soothing Colours and Soft Lighting

The colour scheme of your loved one’s assisted living facility can have a significant impact on their mood and overall well-being. Choosing to bring in bed linens, furniture, and other home items in soft, calming shades of blue, green, and neutral promote relaxation. In addition to the colour scheme, the lighting choices in the retirement community can have an effect on your loved one as well. To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, opt for lamps with soft, warm, yellow lighting. 

Add Soft Textures

Incorporating soft and cozy textures, such as plush blankets, cushions, and area rugs are a great way to make the assisted living facility feel more home-like. These items can also provide extra warmth and comfort during the winter months along with adding to the overall aesthetic of your loved-one’s room.

Display Mementos

Showcasing your loved-one’s creative interests, hobbies, or mementos in their room is a great way to personalize their space while also giving them a sense of familiarity. Picking up a bulletin board from a local office or craft store is a great base to use to create this display. Using a bulletin board allows your loved one to continuously change up what they feature. This can become a great way to spark conversations and create new friendships with other residents in the retirement community

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