As the leaves change and the air gets colder, we know that the fall season is upon us. The fall season is a great time to focus on self-care and wellness. If your loved one is living in a long-term care home in Coquitlam, you may be struggling to come up with ways to bond with them during your visits. There are many ways you can spend quality time and support them in their long-term care home even during the fall season. Here are five ways to make the most of this beautiful season while taking care of your loved one when visiting them at their long-term care home in Coquitlam. 

Take Seasonal Nature Walks

Enjoy relaxing strolls through the fall foliage in your loved one’s long-term care community. Pay attention to the scenery, the sights, sounds, and even scents that fill the Coquitlam area during the fall season. Going on regular nature walks provides a grounding experience that can help clear your loved one’s mind and feel a sense of calmness. These walks are also a great opportunity to chat with your loved one and get an update on their feelings and outlook for the new season. 

Embrace Mindfulness Practices

Spending a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness is a great habit to get into no matter the season. Trying out simple meditation exercises with your loved one such as, focusing on your breath-work, or expressing gratitude through writing are all great ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine. These practices can help both your loved one, and yourself with staying present in the moment and reduce overall stress. 

Get Creative with Seasonal Crafts

Engaging in fall-themed arts and crafts is another way to destress in a festive way. Choosing a creative idea to make with your loved one, whether it is a painting, a wreath, or even carving a pumpkin, can be a meditative process. It also allows you to immerse yourself in the festivity of the season and while being a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one at their long-term care facility.

Foster Connections with Friends and Family

Celebrating the fall season is extra special when you get to spend time with your family and friends. Inviting your loved one’s friends and family to visit and have a cozy get-together at their long-term care community is a great way to spend quality time together. Even choosing to host a virtual get-together is a great way to spend time with those who may live far from the long-term care facility in Coquitlam or who may be feeling under the weather. 

Prioritize Seasonal Nutrition and Exercise 

Maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle to support your loved one’s overall health is necessary to keep their mind and body at ease. Enjoy seasonal harvest and try out new fall-inspired dishes to keep your meals healthy and exciting. For exercise, consider seasonal choices like gentle yoga at their long-term care facility or long outdoor nature walks. 

Self-care and wellness are vital for fulfilling life in a long-term care home, especially during the fall season. By following these five ways to prioritise your loved one’s well-being, you’ll not only savour the season but also nurture their physical, emotional, and social health while staying in their long-term care facility.

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