No matter what stage of life we are in, there’s no denying the transformative power of love and connection. But as we age, we begin to hold shared moments and experiences even closer to our hearts, making time spent with loved ones all the more meaningful. For seniors living in a Port Coquitlam long-term care home, simply sharing a laugh with a friend, a hug with a caregiver, or a visit from a loved one can make a world of difference in a day. But the benefits of love and connection run much deeper than brightening an elderly person’s day; they can also greatly influence a senior’s well-being in a number of ways. Continue reading to explore the health benefits of love and connection for seniors in long-term care.

Elevating Mental Well-Being

When seniors feel valued, understood, and accepted within a nurturing social network, they are less prone to experiencing the damaging effects of anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. The emotional warmth and sense of belonging that come with meaningful relationships act as buffers against stress, while helping seniors to feel supported during a stage of life that can easily feel isolating. Research indicates that seniors who maintain strong social ties exhibit lower rates of depressive symptoms and anxiety disorders while slowing rates of cognitive decline. This is partly because when interacting with others, seniors are processing information and prompted to come up with responses, which can be intellectually stimulating.

Preventing Isolation & Loneliness

One of the greatest challenges seniors face in long-term care is the risk of isolation and loneliness. Even in a bustling environment, it’s easy for individuals to feel disconnected from others, especially when they grapple with health challenges and mobility limitations. This is where intentional efforts to foster love and connection become paramount. At Shaughnessy Seniors Community, thoughtfully-designed common areas are available to help seniors stay connected, while a robust schedule of organized activities offers an array of possibilities for residents to socialize. Around the clock care is also provided at this tri-cities long-term care home by a warm, friendly team of accredited nurses to ensure seniors’ health needs are looked after. While connecting with peers and nursing staff can certainly help seniors to feel socially connected, visits from family are also key in helping them feel prioritized, preventing feelings of abandonment.

Boosting Motivation & Accountability 

In a long-term care home, seniors can find profound motivation and accountability in the presence of friends and loved ones. The supportive network of companionship fosters a sense of purpose, encouraging seniors to do things that can support their physical and emotional health, like sharing a nutritious meal, participating in a game, or getting some fresh air. Knowing that they have others to share these experiences with can give seniors renewed motivation to embrace each day with enthusiasm, fostering a fulfilling and enriching experience during this stage of life.

Reducing Stress & Improving Immune Health

Did you know that stress and immune function are interconnected? Medical researchers have associated positive emotions with a stronger immune system, while negative emotions seemed to suppress its performance. When an immune response is low, wounds take longer to heal, vulnerability to illness increases, skin conditions can pop up, and recovery times lengthen. While there are a number of ways to manage stress, like meditating, listening to music, getting plenty of sleep, and eating nutritious meals, connecting with friends and loved ones is a simple and meaningful way to keep stress at bay. Simple activities like sharing a hug, holding hands, giving a compliment, or playing with a pet can stimulate the production of oxytocin, one of the body’s “happy hormones,” which can induce anti-stress effects, like reduced blood pressure and cortisol levels.


In the journey of life, love and connection are steadfast companions, offering seniors in a Port Coquitlam long-term care home a myriad of health benefits that promote mind and body wellness. Seniors with strong social ties and shared communities can find solace from anxiety and depression, while sharpening their mental acuity with stimulating company and conversations. The presence of friends and loved ones can also help seniors stick to their healthy habits like exercise, outdoor activity, and eating nourishing foods through added accountability and support. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures with company can also help to reduce stress levels among seniors, which can help boost resilience and immune function.

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